Cube Controls®

Illustration - Packaging

Cube Controls® is born in 2016 to two guys with the same passion for sim racing. Since then, Cube Controls is having incredible success and their steering wheels are much appreciated all over the world.

With Cube Controls, I’ve been lucky enough to take part in many projects and one of these was the creation of a new pay-off.
With “MAKE IT REAL” we want to bring to everyone’s home the same thrills, adrenaline, you can only feel driving a real motorsport car.

Make it real - Cube Controls payoff

Working along with the lead designer, Massimo Cubeddu, we came up with this funny design for the new merchandising I am working on. One of our top seller steering wheels, Formula Pro, has been “exploded” and used as the main subject of the t-shirt, now available on Cube Controls.

We really like to make Cube Controls signature always cool and different from other brands, that’s why we thought to work on an unusual packaging for our t-shirts and steering wheels.

Here at Cube Controls, every day is a good day to work on something new, that’s why we launched a new and custom Formula Pro. Now it’s possible to make your own Formula Pro as you like check out to discover more.