Lisbon - 25th of April Bridge


Illustration - Social media content

Camplify® is launching its business in Portugal and I’ve been asked to work on some promotional content to share on social media.

Portugal can be represented by loads of elements and a few of them are really easy to recognise, like the Portuguese guitar, the Belém tower, the codfish and the tram. I had a lot of fun drawing an icon set to share on social media to promote Camplify® in the country.

Camplify® has two main brand colours, yellow and blue. These, mix very well with Portugal as they can be identified with the yellow of the sun and the blue that is often used to paint the “azulejos”, typical Portuguese tiles.

In Portugal, there are a lot of places to discover and a camper can be a fun and a different way to do it, that’s the concept behind my animation.